The annual Bear Mountain Pilgrimage has become a sacred tradition in the Kriya Yoga schedule of events in America. In 1969, Yogiar led sixteen (a sacred number) of devotees on a field trip up the Hudson River and into the Bear Mt. region. Under the Inspiration of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, a beautiful spot on a peak overlooking the Bear Mt. Valley was chosen as the campsite for the Kriya Yoga activities. The Yagna Fire was lit and the group chanted in ecstasy the great maha-ucchadana Mantra "Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum." At the height of the chanting, The Great Ma Siddha Kriya Babaji Nagaraj and his sadhana Shakti Kriya Annai Nagalakkumi, along with Kriya Amman manifested on the Vital Plane during Brahma Murhurtha (around 3:00 A.M.) This Vision marked a new spiritual chapter in the history of The United States of America.

The National Headquarters has marked this Manifestation or "Vitalization" through the annual Fourth of July Pilgrimage to Bear Mt. with chanting, sacred Yantras and Mantras, and a glorious Shiva Poosai with Abbishekkam of yogurt, honey, etc. to the natural Siva Lingam at the campground.

For more information on the Bear Mountain Pilgrimage write to the email address below or call 202-726-2213 or 973-376-5890.

One and all are welcome.


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