Kriya Babaji

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum


Babaji Kali Thandava Temple 
 of Babaji Yantra

American Babaji Yoga Sangam 
83 Low Rd. 
Grahamsville, New York 12740

Phone: (845) 985-2762

A small temple to the Divine Mother Kali Devi in the Catskill Mountain forest offers Archanai and Poosai at the sacred Midnight hour on Saturdays.  A Public Asana Class with Chanting will be held around 10:00 AM on Sunday.  Those with devotion to Maa Kali, Babaji and Siva are welcome to share the joy of Chanting and Poosai.  Please call 973-715-7840 for the dates and times of the poosai and classes. 

Directions to Kali Temple:
Take Route 17 West from New York City. Get off at exit 105.  Make a right turn onto Route 42 North towards Woodbourne.  You will go through South Fallsburg before the town of Woodbourne.  Go through Woodbourne (a very small town) and make a sharp left turn at the second traffic light (right after the bridge).  This keeps you on Route 42 North.  Follow Rt. 42 about five miles.  Look for the sign "Welcome To Neversink" on your left and keep right.  In 1/2 mile or less, you will make a right turn onto Low Rd.  The Kali Temple is about 1/2 mile on your left. If you pass our street, you will find yourself in the town of Grahamsville.  Turn around and come back to make a left on Low Road.

This temple has its roots in the distant past. The great Master Kriya Babaji, more than 1200 years ago, instructed his disciple Adi Sankara to seek the Grace of Divine Mother Mukkambikai for his mission in restoring Sanatana Dharma to India. In the Twentieth century Babaji instructed His direct disciple Yogi S.A.A. Ramaiah to win the Grace of the Divine Mother for the important mission of founding International Babaji Yoga Sangam. Yogi Ramaiah's intense Spiritual practices at the Brahmanoor Kali Temple in South India led to the establishment of the Sangam. Later, in 1991, Babaji instructed Yogi Ramaiah to win the Grace of Mother Kali for the construction of this western counterpart of the famous Brahmanoor Kali Temple. 

The Temple's central peatam is blessed with a murthi of dancing Maa Kali, along with Babaji Thandava, and a rare three-dimensional Sri Chakra Yantra which is invested with the sadhana shakti of extensive tapas. Outside are murthis of Ganapathi, NagaLingam Siva, Thulasi Devi and Siddhar Karuvurar who, along with Nandiswarar, is presiding over the spiritual awakening of North America.


Views of the Kali Temple

Grahamsville Kali Devi 

Om Shakti Om



Every year in October/November the Nine Shaktis are worshipped during the Festival of Nava Rathri. Kali, Durgai, Kalaimagal (Saraswathi), Lacchumi, Annapoorni, Parvathi, Mukkambikai, Mahesh-Vardhini, and Ardhanareswari are each worshipped on a different day. The climax is a four mile foot pilgrimage with a palanquin carrying Kali Devi, Kriya Babaji, and Yogi Siva. At the midnight Sivarathri hour a Maa Poosai to Kali is held with abhisekham and arathi. All are welcome! Call 845-985-2762 or 973-376-5890 or 973-715-7840.

In 2015 the first night of Nava Rathri Poosai will be on Monday, October 12th with archani to Babaji and Ganesh.
On October 13th through October 21st each night there will be poosai to one of the nine Shaktis.  The pilgrimage will be held on Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 AM.  The Maa Poosai will be held on Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 PM. 


Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum


Richville Muruga Temle

Babaji Kali Thandava Kovil

Babaji Kali Thandava Temple

More Views of the Kali Temple

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